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Hotel Mountview is the first hotel in the town built in the year 1895, then known as 'Bulls Head Hotel' run by the same family since then. In the height of British Raj 'Bulls Head was the premier hotel in town. It maintains the same tradition as 'Hotel Mountview' till now.

Set amidst this scenic splendour in six acres of sprawling gardens, Hotel Mount View gives you all the comforts you expect in a deluxe Hotel. Our guest rooms, housed in Victorian style building are tastefully furnished and equipped with elegant bath, shower, telephone, TV, DVD, Mini Bar, etc.


Mount View offers the best Exteriors and Soothing Interiors, Terraces, Landscaped Gardens, Water Bodies, Public Areas, Lobby,
Covered & Safe Parking, Secretarial services, internet connection, inside and outside games, ample parking, State-Bank of India with ATM facility in premises, access to Dalhousie Club are some of the add-ons at Mount-View.

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Hotel Mount View with the best and easily accessible location invites you to be in romantic hideaway, viewing the majestic Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal and Bathari Valley. Hotel Mount View is situated on Dalhousie Club Road, overlooking the vast Bathri valley, with the snow covered Pir Panjal ranges in the backdrop.


Hotel Mountview is the first hotel in the town built in the year 1895, then known as 'Bulls Head Hotel' run by the same family since then. In the height of British Raj 'Bulls Head was the premier hotel in town. It maintains the same tradition as 'Hotel Mountview' till now.

Set amidst this scenic splendour in six acres of sprawling gardens, Hotel Mount View gives you all the comforts you expect in a deluxe Hotel. Our guest rooms, housed in Victorian style building are tastefully furnished and equipped with elegant bath, shower, telephone, TV, DVD, Mini Bar, etc.

Anandam Spa

Anandam Spa has been inspired by the natural beauty surrounding the Dalhousie and is city's first and only spa. Its minimalist design exudes an air of complete balance, peace and tranquillity offering you the ultimate refuge to restore the mind, body and spirit. We pride ourselves on the attentive team of qualified therapists who are on hand to provide you with a wide variety of massages, facials and a host of other therapeutic and beauty skin care treatments. Anandam Spa is an oasis of tranquillity designed for total relaxation and recreation; we offer a luxurious range of body polish, body scrub, body massages and beautifully designed treatment pavilions.

Every encounter with Anandam Spa brings with it a profound sense of pleasure and discovery. Our signature facilities include Dalhousie’s first authentic Jacuzzi hot tub, sizzling Saunas and aromatic Steam room. Anandam Spa is the perfect environment to indulge in naturally-based therapies combining the most effective traditional techniques and products sourced from around the world.
The Kettle House Restaurants

The word kettle originates from Ketill “Cauldron” The Earliest Kettle was earthenware containers used in ancient Mesopotamia for purposes other that cooking.

The Japanese “Bunduku” was made from iron and small in size, whereas Chinese kettles were more decorative and made from porcelain, in Singapore round bamboo kettles were used, the Russians used ceramic pottery with a mix of metal for kettles while the Kashmiri used copper ones. Metallic kettles were a common feature in the era gone by, which can be seen in the bronze kettles from Egypt to the embossed cast iron ones from Mongolia to the copper and silver kettles from Tibet. The Victorian ceramic kettles are a class apart and can be distinguished from the others.

The development of Tea Kettles was in direct co relation to the stove. During the height of the industrial revolution in the 1800’s Electric kettles were introduced as an alternate to stove top kettles.

Modern Tea kettles include a variety of technological advancements. Some kettles are cordless with illumination capabilities. Whistling kettle is equipped with lightweight dynamics and heat resistant handles.

THE KETTLE HOUSE has a collection of kettles from an eon gone by. Sheer passion for kettles has led to the collection and thus the name the Kettle House.

THE KETTLE HOUSE akin to the kettle has also evolved with time to ensure your meal reaches you simmering hot ensuring the natural flavours remains intact.
JINGLES Cafe Coffee making, even now, remains more of an Art than a Science at Hotel Mountview.


In house theater with an assortment of movies for you and your kids.

Pickup a fiction or a biography along with a warm cup of English tea or a nicely brewed coffee. The combination will surely take you into the depths of the book you chose.

GAZEBO - the open air discotheque

An open air discotheque "Gazeboo"adds to the charm of your stay at Hotel Mountview.


The Bodywise Fitness Studio Gym shall provide you with an opportunity to sweat it out and keep yourself fit and healthy.


The Local Folk singer evenings at Hotel Mountview gives you a taste of the Himachali culture and the tradition.

ATTIC - The Games Room

ATTIC - shall please the children and adults alike with a variety of board games, carrom, playing cards etc. You may try a few shots at the billiards table or enjoy a game of cards. The friendly presence of 'the Mickey Mouse' would make the children very delighted.


Flowering Terraces and well laid gardens. Forest Walks and pony rides. Indoor recreation includes Carom, Table Tennis etc. The Barbecue and cultural programs are also arranged on request.

Gabfest Conferences

Theater Style
Seats or chairs in rows facing a stage area, head table, or speaker (with no conference table)

Used for 
This is the most efficient set-up when the attendees will act as an audience. This set-up is not recommended for food events or if note taking is required.

Freebees Game zone

Kids Junction


Gabfest Conferences is said to be the best in this part of Himachal, which can accommodate 300 participants in Theater style, over 100 individuals in U Style and over 300 people for Buffet Banquet. It is well decorated with almost all facilities like multimedia, OHP, Computers etc required for Conference & Banquet. In recent times, the Centre has provided a meeting place for notable organizations, including blue-chip Indian conglomerates. Ours is the Biggest Conference Hall in this part of Himachal over 3000 sq Feet Pillarless area (90x35). Traditionally Designed with great ambience and can easily Accommodate over 300 people in Theatre style, over 100 in U- Style, 120 in Box-shape and 80 in Cocktail style. The Banquet/Buffet Hall attached is over 1500 feet which is a separately attached; the only one in Dalhousie; to ensure smooth running of the Conference without disturbance of Laying and Clearing the tables. All the facilities like OHP,LCD Projector,Computer,Laptop,Internet,Printer,Fax,White Board,PA System, Stationery,Flip Board,Markers,Laser Pointers, TV, Videos ,DVD Players,Mike, Podium etc are in house the sound is all on OHM system the very best in its field the seating is the most comfortable and arranged as desired by the Client.
 We have a Multi Cuisine facility which offers the best of Menu in our Buffet which can be altered as desired by the client and Our Buffet / Banquet Hall is ideally located next to the Conference Hall.



100% Advance by way of Demand Draft Through SBI Dalhousie in favor of Hotel Mount View. Fax the copy of the draft sent for confirmation.You may also Deposit your cheques/cash at any Branch of HDFC Bank or ICICI Bank after confirming the room availability with us. The HDFC Bank or ICICI Bank A/c no. can be taken from the hotel on Mobile No. 09418010822, 09418511822, 09816040822, 9816831208.

Cancellation:- 50% refund within 15 Days. Later than that no refund on Cancellation.

For group reservation please contact: The Manager,



Lord Dalhousie during many of his sojourns in these Hills chanced upon this charming spot which was later to bear his name. His admiration to this place led him to establish one of the prime Hill Resorts of India in the year 1854.
Since then this Hill Station continues to safely guard its natural environs which till date are kept to the best of their charms and beauty. Built upon Five Hills covered with a thick growth of Ban, Oak, Confirs, Pine, Firs and a large variety of trees and shrubs "nestles" this queen of Hill Stations.

"A places Anxiety to preserve the purity and essence of nature cut out a gem of a Hill Station called Dalhousie."

Romantic Charm and Majestic presence of the Himalayas have always drawn people of diverse nature, taste, culture and interest for a rich and rewarding experience. Dalhousie landscape, complete with snowy peaks, thickly wooded mountains, exotic and wide spectrum of Flora & Fauna, massive glaciers, glittering lively streams and ajure sky offer wending vistas of vision to the isitors.
with the best and easily accessible location invites you to be in a romantic hideaway, viewing the majestic Dhauladhar, Snow-Clad Pir Panjal Range and Lush Green Bathri Valley.
Dalhousie comprises five hills Balun, Kathlug, Patreyn, Tehra and Bakrota at Heights ranging from l525 mts(5,000 ft) to 2,738 mts (7,800 ft) make Dalhousie a dream of a place for peace and thrill seekers alike the inviograting air warm sunshine and quiet surroundings add enchantment to its open and colorful valleys level walks and treks admist the dense forest offers enchanting view of the snow covered mountains and lush green valleys and rivers below.

The beauty and charm of Dalhousie has been able to capture the fancy of the famous personalities of the past and the present. Apart from the British many of our national who's who have visiited Dalhousie. Rabindra Nath Tagore, along with his father Maharishi D.N. Tagore visited Dalhousie in the year 1873. He penned a few lines of his Nobel Prize winning book Geetanjali here in Dalhousie. Rudyard Kipling, the famous British poet visited this serene hill station in 1884. Pundit Moti Lal Nehru and Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru have added to the guest list of this town. Subhash Chandra Bose visited Dalhousie and stayed here in 1937 for a good long seven months for recupirating from ill health. But after his sojourn in Dalhousie, his recovery was complete and he put his reinvigorated energy full steam into the Indian Independence struggle and was at the helm of affairs as President of the Indian National Congress in 1938 and 1939.

Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi also liked to visit this town quite oftenly. Tibetan spritual leader His Holiness The Dalai Lama has also blessed this town with his visits in 1962 and again in 1988.
This beautiful town has also been a host to the Bollowood stars and directors. Various Bollywood movies have been shot here. 'Nandan' in 1952, Dilse - starring Shahrukh Khan, Manisha Koirala. 1942 A Love Story, Gadar, God n Gun, Himalaya putra, The Blue Umbrella etc to name a few. Quite a few TV serials like 'Kashmir' have also been shot here.
Climate of Dalhousie

Dalhousie has a temperate climate with day temperatures rising to 26° C in summers. In winters the maximum day temperature is around 10° C and the minimum drops to 1° C at night. The average maximum and minimum temperatures are only slightly above those of London, England. The rainy season extends from mid June to late September. In winters Dalhousie experiences snowfall between December and February.
During Spring with fresh green in the woods, and rhododendron and other flowers in bloom, Dalhousie stretch its limbs after a winter Slumber
Trekking around Dalhousie - A Walker's Paradise

Dalhousie can be defined as a Walker's paradise. This is one of the few beautiful hillstations of India which have level walks. Even if you don not intend to go on long hard treks these short level walks amidst the beautiful woods and hills is rejuvenating and relaxing too.
The Figure of '8' Walk
Panoramic view of Pir Panjal
The walk around the Mall Road or the Thandi - Garam round, as it is popularly known and equally popular, both among the tourists and locals. this may further be extended into the Potreyn Round.
Tagore Walk
The Bakrota hills present a panoramic view of the hills on one side and the river plains of Punjab on the other side. The walk is about 7km which meanders around the Bakrota Mall starting at the Tagore Memorial.
Subhash Chandra Bose Health Walk
Walk from Kynance house near the Sri Raghunath Temple to Gandhi Chowk. From there take the Jandri Ghat road behind the Raizada Hansraj Library. It is a 1km walk to the baoli. Drink the refreshing spring waters at the Subhash Baoli you can continue your walk as far as you want, bearing in mind that you will have to return on the same road only.
Lakkar Mandi to Kalatope
This is one of the best walks through the Wildlife Sanctuary. The walk starts at Lakkar Mandi at the Charcoal Makers Colony on the Khajjiar road. This point is about 11kms from Dalhousie. The sanctuary road leads through a deodar forest to a pleasent Forest Rest house.
If one is an avid trekker then he / she can go for longer and more streneous treks too.
For further information please contact the Manager, Hotel MountView.
Sights from Dalhousie


22 Kms from Hotel Mount View referred as the Mini Switzerland of India is one of the finest Saucer shaped meadows lined by Tall Deodar Trees and a Lake in the middle with over an 500 year old Wooden Nag Temple near to the Lake.

44 Kms from Hotel Mount View the erstwhile capital of the famous Chamba State is a worth visiting place, it has one of the oldest Temples of the country the finest Art & Crafts of the Phari peopIe and a very old Museum.

21 Kms is from Hotel Mount View, the Hydro Project Chamera's 40 sq Km Chamera Lake Boating and other water Sports facilities are really enjoyable. Here the facilities are run by the Dept of Tourism Himachal Pradesh
Bhalei Temple 

The Mighty Bhadrakali Temple popularly known as Shri Bhalei Mata, an incarnation of Goddess Kali is located on a beautiful square of 3800 feet height at a place called Bhalei. 32 km. from Hotel Mount View, this temple of the local deity, is much respected and revert place of Chamba district.
Devi Dehra

18 Kms is from Hotel Mount View, Devi Dehra, Rock Garden and waterfalls again a must see place. The environs and topography of the place is just beautiful.
Kala Top

10 Kms is from Hotel Mount View, away the quaint wildlife sanctuary of HP Forest Dept with a small forest enveloped Rest House is a beautiful place worth enjoying as its rumored that even in the evening their is darkness due to its thick forest covers.
Dainkund - Bholani Temple

10 km from Hotel Mountview, Dainkund is the highest mountain in Dalhousie, at an altitude of 2755 mtrs it provides the picture book scenery of the whole valley. The amazing experience of a pliable trudge in a beautiful ambience is quite spectacular.
Panjpula & Karelnu

05 Kms is from Hotel Mount View, each in diffrent directions are waterfalls almost in the Town. Karelnu is one place that should be must on your itinerary as it is overlooking the Pir Panjals and beautiful landscaped gardens.
Sach Pass

The All year around Snow covered pass, which is a gateway to the Pangi valley is a must see place while on a trip to Dalhousie. 120 Kms from Dalhousie, its about three and half hour drive. Enjoy the majestic views of Chamba and Pangi valley on the other side the pass is located at an altitude of over 14000 feet offering brethtaking views all over.


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